Mattress, say what!?

Easy mattress guide, and understanding the language

When you walk into a mattress showroom, it might be a daunting task to figure out the entire new and different lingo. You might feel like you are embarking on some new language form, but with these few explanations from Bedmart, misinformed mattress-dialect will be a thing of the past.

If you’re anything like the majority of people out there, when it’s time to buy a new bed, you tend to seek out what you bought last time. Instead, it might be time to consider all of your options. With hundreds of manufacturers and countless material configurations, it can be overwhelming to know where to start looking.

What Type of Mattress is the Best?

Innerspring or Coil

Innerspring, or coil, mattresses have been around since the early 1900s. They’re constructed of steel coils that compress when you put weight on them. The shape, size, and number of coils in a mattress can vary. As a general rule, more coils mean higher quality and more support.

Continuous Coils

Continuous coils use a single wire to form the entire support system of the bed. They’re made into an S-shape rather than a traditional coil. Because the system is made up of a single, interlinked wire, you’ll get more durability at an affordable price.

Bonnell coils

These coils were the first invented, and they’re still commonly used. There were originally made for buggy seat cushions in the 1800s. They look like an hourglass and form a structure similar to a helix when they’re all put together. Bonnell coils are a mid-priced option.


If you’re worried about squeaky springs, you’ll probably want to take a closer look at offset coils. Like Bonnell coils, they form an hourglass shape, but the tops and bottoms have flattened edges. These edges create a hinging effect that conforms more to the shape of your body. They’re known for being sturdy, durable, supportive, and quiet.

Nested or Pocketed Coil

Marshall, or pocketed, coils are also referred to as wrapped coils and encased coils. Unlike the other kinds described, they’re not wired together, and they work more or less independently of each other. The effect is more support plus motion isolation.

As far as how they’re constructed, they’re made of a thin-gauge barrel-shaped design. When you’re evaluating innerspring mattresses, you’ll often come across the term coil gauge. Higher numbers represent a thinner gauge and vice versa. When making a decision, keep in mind that the thinner the coil, the softer the mattress. Thicker gauge coils provide a firmer experience and tend to be more durable.

Memory Foam

Invented by NASA in 1966 to improve the safety of aircraft cushions, memory foam is now widely used in a variety of commercial applications, including mattresses, pillows, blankets, furniture, shoes and wheelchair seats.

It took a couple of decades for corporations to figure out an inexpensive and reliable way to manufacture memory foam and make it widely available.

Today, memory foam is widely used because of the sensation it creates of “sinking in” to a mattress and being cradled. When you press your bodyweight onto this kind of cushion, you’ll find that it takes on your shape and slowly bounces back once you remove the weight. It’s this extra cushioning and support that makes memory foam ideal for side sleepers and people who have painful conditions that want extra softness.

Other benefits of memory foam include:

-Pressure point relief

-Resistance to dust mites and allergens

-Works with adjustable beds


Also called a Euro-top mattress, pillowtop mattresses have a layer of padding that can be up to several inches thick on top of the bed. Depending on the type of material in the pillowtop, it can offer benefits like cooling, durability, bounce, and enhanced comfort. A pillowtop layer may also be constructed of one or more of the following materials: cotton, foam, latex or wool.

At Bedmart there’s no shortage of mattress choices available. There’s something for everyone, so the most important thing to consider is what will make you the most comfortable! Now that you are a bit more familiar with the mattress language, contact our friendly staff with all confidence and any further questions.